At Lamothermic, we invest heavily in automation so that we can provide our customers with shorter lead times and lower costs. In fact, our commitment to quality and service has led us to use automation as a tool to best serve our clients with precision castings. Explore a few of our automated processes below, and contact us today to put our precision automated systems to work for you.

Automatic Wax Injection
We use automatic wax injectors for production runs over 200 pieces. We have three automatic wax injectors to keep production moving at a rapid pace and in a cost-effective manner.

Automatic Ceramic Shell Building
Our robotic ceramic system is a fully integrated cell including a dipping robot, rainfall sander and conveyer drying-chamber. Every component is computer controlled. Most importantly, this system produces consistent shells – a critical component for the pouring operation that ensures a quality final product.

Automatic Gate Grinding
We have computer controlled automatic table and plunge grinders that ensure consistent and accurate gate heights. These machines enable higher through put so you get your parts faster.

CNC Machining
Lamothermic has a machine shop with Five CNC vertical milling machines and two CNC turning centers. Our machines are supported by Virtual Gibbs software for ease and accuracy when programming.