Rapid Prototyping

All projects start somewhere. Whether it be an idea from a conversation, a sketch, or a full 3D model. These ideas will ultimately need to go through a prototyping phase in order to test and explore the form, fit, and function of one’s design.

Producing prototypes is not only crucial to the design phase, but it is also astounding to see ideas come to life with modern technology. Turn your designs into something you can see, test and evaluate with Lamothermic’s Rapid Prototyping Capabilities.

Consult with our in-house engineering team to fabricate your products using advanced additive manufacturing technology.

How Is a Prototype Different?

It hardly is, and that’s the best part. Traditionally, wax patterns that come from an aluminum mold are used in our process in order to create a ceramic shell. When prototypes are built, the aluminum mold is eliminated, and patterns are made with additive manufacturing.

Why Rapid Prototype?

Ready to Discuss Your Next Project?

If you’re looking for an investment casting supplier who can help design, engineer and prototype the parts you need to make your business more successfully, contact us today. Our team is standing by to help.